Monthly Memberships

20 Pack: $10.50/month

Basically, we've got you covered for the work week. Or, if you are more of a party animal or student, we've got your beard's back on nights out or at coffee shop cram sessions.

32 Pack: $12.50/month

One-a-day keeps the unpleasantness away. There are sometimes 28, 29, 30, 31 days in a month... Who can keep track? Have one for every possible day and at least one extra just in case.

48 Pack: $16.50/month

This pack is for the guy who wants at least one wipe a day to keep up with either his burly beard, on-the-go lifestyle, or simple desire to freshen up without worrying about rationing his BeardWipes.

64 Pack: $19.50/month

You’re probably a cowboy, astronaut, rockstar, or professional athlete during playoff season. Two-a-days are how you make the Varsity Beard Squad, guys. Our Creator/Co-Founder isn’t on a plan exactly because he has a stockpile like a modern day Scrooge McBeard; he uses a minimum of two a day. Bottom line, with the 64 Pack you don’t plan on running out of Paws and we respect that.